3 Principles of Equi-Bone

1) Circulation - We provide nutrients that support healthy circulation to be sure that the nutrients responsible for producing the results can reach the target area effectively.  For instance many horses have poor blood flow into the foot.  So by providing a healthy supply of these nutrients, we can increase the diameter of the blood vessels which allows the blood to flow more freely through the vascular channels and increase nutrient delivery to hard to reach areas that otherwise would not receive the nutrients responsible for producing results.

2) Ideal Mineral Ratio for Calcium Solubility - This principle is especially important for horses with calcium deposits or bone spurs (including ringbone, side bone & bone chips).  These conditions are the result of hypercalcemia, where the balance of calcium to other minerals in the nutrient supply have become skewed and calcium is not being used effectively by the body, allowing the mineral to collect on the outside of various tissues.  Typically these conditions worsen if not corrected and calcium will continue to collect on the outside of the area, resulting in a larger, more painful calcium deposit.

Proper mineral balance will aid in improving the rate at which calcium is converted to liquid, meaning that the calcium is in its proper liquid state to be absorbed by the bone cells, instead of being deposited on the outside of the bone.  Thus the term, calcium deposit.  
One of the more basic nutritional facts that many horsemen know is that you want to give a 2:1 ratio of calcium:phosphorus.  But supporting optimal bone development and making sure that the body is using calcium efficiently is much more complicated than simply giving those two nutrients.  So, to make it easy as possible, we have optimized the mineral supply for you in order to help support the bone building process so it is much more efficient than other supplements you find on the market like joint supplements or general health supplements sold as "multi-vitamin/mineral".  These other products just don't have the focus on Bone related health issues that you're looking for.  EQUI-BONE is specifically formulated to target your goal of improving bone development.

3) Alkaline pH to Improve Calcium Retention - This principle is especially important for horses with navicular bone (or any other bone) deterioration, fractures, etc... 

Studies show that diets consisting of acid forming minerals lower pH values and lead to bone loss.  So, the body will actually allow calcium and supporting nutrients to actually leach from the bone, which creates a weaker bone structure over time. Diets consisting of alkaline forming minerals raise pH values and have shown the ability to support bone preservation.  So, the body will actually retain calcium and supporting nutrients in the bones, resulting in a stronger bone, more resistant to breakdown.  Over time if the horses diet, exercise demands & lack of proper nutrient availability have allowed some level of bone deterioration or fractures to occur, EQUI-BONE can help the horse to retain & store calcium in the bones more effectively by improving calcium retention in bones, which - again, over time, leads to better bone development.

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