Counting My Blessings

Posted by TLC Animal Nutrition, Inc on 2/14/2018
Shortly after starting the program I saw something I thought I'd never see again, The General was galloping across the arena!  He was bucking and rearing and playing like a true horse. The sadness was gone from his eyes and he seemed more alive than I had seen him in...

The Anatomy Of Muscles

Posted by TLC Animal Nutrition, Inc on 1/27/2018
Taking into account the internal structures that have been at rest over the long winter months will go a long way to support you in your efforts of keeping your horses sound as you gear up for another active season.

The Dream Maker

Posted by TLC Animal Nutrition, Inc on 12/22/2017
Several months of training, all those sleepless nights. The anticipation builds and you’re more hopeful than you’ve ever been. It’s the biggest race of your life, this is the horse you laid it all on the line for… you would have bet the farm on this one.

Winter Care - Essential Tips for Well-Being and Soundness

Posted by TLC Animal Nutrition, Inc. on 11/27/2017
If you are consistent with these simple winter care essentials, you should have a happy and healthy horse that is ready for you in the spring.

Sound Advice - A Must Read for Building a Strong Foundation

Posted by TLC Animal Nutrition, Inc on 11/22/2017
An early foundation of Long Slow Distance (LSD) work will go a long ways towards preventing injuries. If a horse is put into work without this foundation, he may appear to be coming along nicely in terms of cardiovascular and muscular fitness. But...

Fundamentals for Hooves - From Growth to White Line

Posted by TLC Animal Nutrition, Inc on 10/31/2017
A member of the B vitamin family and a co-enzyme, Biotin plays a role in collagen formation and is therefore essential for the development of a healthy hoof.  It is greatly valued for its ability to enhance new horn growth and studies show adequate Biotin intake can help expedite the growth process considerably.

My Horse's Worst Nightmare!

Posted by TLC Animal Nutrition, Inc on 10/23/2017
Shortly after purchasing my gelding, I had him checked by several vets. We took x-rays and that told the story - this was my gelding's worst nightmare! He had multiple holes in both front feet

Stress-Less for Nervous, Hyper Horses

Posted by TLC Animal Nutrition, Inc on 10/6/2017
Some of the environmental factors that increase stress levels include: travel, changes in routine, fear, pain and  over/under exercise. Of course we all know how stress and anxiety may reduce a horses ability to concentrate and perform at their best but what factors influence the horses ability to deal with stress?  

Bone Density - The Process of Bone Remodeling

Posted by TLC Animal Nutrition, Inc on 9/30/2017
The process of bone remodeling

Bone Density - Identifying The Process of Bone Breakdown

Posted by TLC Animal Nutrition, Inc on 9/28/2017
How mineral balance will provide either a negative or positive effect on the cation-anion balance and what that has to do with bone absorption.