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"X-rays told the tale, the bone spurs were still the root of Fame's problem.  When I left OKC I knew I would never run her again if I couldn't find an effective solution.  Knowing my situation, a friend told me to call TLC before I give up hope.  I followed the suggestions to the letter, today x-rays reveal a clean hock and she is running great" - Tammy Owens

"After diligently following the program for two months, we scheduled another series of x-rays for what would be the ninth week on the program.  This time there was no sign of the navicular hole or the calcium deposits" - Danny Ray

"Doc x-rayed both front feet and determined that the coffin bone was disintegrating, additionally there were several floating chips... Nineteen days into the program I rode him five miles.  He was sound and walking as well as trotting freely with absolutely no head bobbing...  Seven months after starting the TLC program, I had another set of x-rays taken and the doctor said there was no evidence of the floating chips and no further deterioration anywhere.  Now he's been going for 10 years without problems, nobody can believe it!" - Lovell Sasser

"Two weeks after I started the program he was sound.  Six months later I had more x-rays taken and the vet said it was a miracle.  The holes on the navicular bone were filling in and there was noticeable improvement in the rooster spurs.  Angel has taken me to the state finals each year, very impressive for a horse that may have otherwise been destroyed" - Kathy Stanifer

"Shortly after the purchase I found Audrey on three legs and as any horseman knows this is not good.  I immediately brought her in and called my vet.  The verdict was devastating, Audrey had broken the navicular bone in her front hoof... I happened to come across your advertisement and called your number for more information... Audrey at one time was a shoe size smaller on the injured foot, now she wears the same size shoe... Audrey's new x-rays came in and my vet had a surgeon verify the results - she has healed completely and is ready to start saddle training.  I could not have done it without your products." - Kay Cox