What’s In A Number…?

Numbers are the essential part of the bottom line, without them you don’t really know where you’re heading. It’s a little like driving a car without a road, how will you know when you need to make a correction if you don’t have something to guide you. The numbers are your map and they can help you get from where you are to where you want to be in terms of production and profitability.

So, what is it about the high SCC that bothers you most?
  Could it be that, on average, you will experience a 2.5% decrease in production for every 100,000/ml increase above 200,000. Translated, this would be a 7.5% decrease in production on a cow with a SCC of 500,000 cells/ml. On ten cows milking 65 lbs/day, that’s a loss of nearly 50 pounds daily! Now you are not only getting paid less for the quality of the milk but are losing money in decreased production.

But wait, there’s more, because the numbers matter in transitions and post-partum too, here’s how: The transition, post-partum period or even heat stress lead to elevated cortisol levels and over time, elevated cortisol levels cause an adverse effect on the immune system. In fact, dairy cows often lose as much as 75% of their natural immune function during freshening. These lowered immune levels lead to issues like pneumonia and various other infections, including hoof issues and mastitis, further reducing your bottom line, right?


Looking For a Simple Program to Support Healthy Numbers?

Try this: A reduction in SCC by an average of 30% is common when feeding Pro-Min Daily. In fact, it’s very common to average a cell count of 200,000 cells/ml or lower in a herd when feeding Pro-Min Daily to the entire herd - and the best results are reported when fed year-round.

To support natural immune function for fresh, off-feed or distressed cows, keep Vita-Guard on hand and give one serving 3-6 times per day as needed. Vita-Guard promotes a natural immune response, helping you fight the 75% immune function loss and reducing the lasting impact of illness.

To improve your numbers, and your bottom line, feed PRO-MIN daily and keep VITA-GUARD on hand for times where extra immune support is necessary.

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