Three years ago “Perkzilla” had broke a piece of sidebone off and had surgery to remove it. We thought he was clear, but following a jackpot in October had came up three legged. An MRI showed a clean stress fracture halfway through the coffin bone caused by years of over-reaching.

A friend had told me about a product called Equi-Bone and we started feeding it immediately. He got a full year off, and that break is completely healed, no trace of it on an X Ray unless you knew it was there to begin with. He's been back just a little over a year, and made it to AQHA world last year in the Amateur barrels, is qualified again this year in both Amateur and Senior barrels, qualified back to the 1D finals at ANHA last year and ran a 17.1 on a standard, won the Cowtown rodeo in Ft Worth last year, made it to the San Angelo perfs, placed top 10 in the senior barrels at Ft Worth AQHA and 3rd in the Amateur AQHA, won the Jud Little Fast Five in Ft Worth this year and ended up 16th in the Top 65, placed at Henderson PRCA, 12th at Seguin, and just recently placed 9th in Magnolia AR PRCA.

He hasn't taken a lame step on that foot since, and gets Equi-Bone every day, as do all of my other horses in training. It's a miracle product, 100%!   - Savannah H.

For more information on how you can support healthy bone development in horses, see Equi-Bone by: TLC Animal Nutritition, Inc