Customer Testimonial Ashley Osteen and Charlie

So Many Prayers Were Answered!


My 21 year old horse, Justa Lil More Time (aka Charlie), was sound right up until he turned 21 when he came up lame and we went through several rounds of injections.


One night my husband, Kaleb, was looking in Barrel Horse News, and noticed your ad for Equi-Bone. We had spent so much money already, and Charlie owed me nothing but was very unhappy with retirement. We thought, why not go ahead and give it a try. We ordered a bag that night. After completing the loading dose phase, we returned to the vet to have x-rays taken again. Our vet, along with us, couldn’t believe what we saw and Charlie was given the go ahead to start getting legged back up!


Charlie and I haven’t looked back since! He may be older, but he doesn’t know it, or look it! He’s slowed down, but he still thinks he’s a 1D horse, and I’m not going to tell him any different.

So many prayers were answered!




We had such great success with the first horse, that this year we are also giving it to our 7 year old, Hempen Firebug, who was sometimes clumsy and would trip on the front end. The x rays showed that at some point, when he was younger, he suffered bilateral fractures to his navicular bones in his front feet and our vet explained the fractures were old and calcified.


After leaving the vet’s office that day in January, there was no doubt in my mind, Firebug would also be starting on Equi Bone. He hasn’t take a lame step since! He also ran some of the fastest times he has ever run! He is riding quieter and better at home in our down time as well. I have gotten more out of Firebug in the last 4 months than I have in the last 5 years!


Equi Bone truly is a life saver and has given us our horses back!



                                                                                                                                                                                                                      - Ashley Osteen

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