Over time, having the correct environmental conditions can improve the rate of mineral retention, and ultimately, bone mineral density. These effects can reduce both the occurrence of, and recovery time from, bone related injuries.

Equi-Bone - The Science Behind the Program

The Process of Bone Deterioration and Demineralization

Bone deterioration is a result of bone resorption, a process in which bone cells called osteoclasts break down bone and release the minerals, resulting in a transfer of nutrients from the bone matrix to the blood. These cells break up the organic and inorganic portions of bone, removing the minerals which comprise the bone density, and transporting the material away from the area, leaving the bone in a weakened state. This process, known as bone resorption is stimulated, or inhibited by, signals from other parts of the body, depending on the demand for specific nutrients. An acid diet will induce such effects, so diets containing foods that promote acidic conditions will lower pH values and promote bone loss. Diets consisting of alkaline forming foods raise pH values and promote bone preservation. In humans, this can be seen in the Western diet as it consists mostly of acidic forming foods such as meat, dairy, soda and alcohol and we have the highest incidence of osteoporosis of any other country or individual nationality. In the horse, influencing factors like stress, illness or mineral availability will greatly influence pH levels and for this reason, minerals must be properly balanced to create the most favorable conditions for bone retention and integrity.


But how do we correct this imbalance?
Most people simply think they need to increase calcium, since we’ve been told time and again how calcium helps develop strong bones.  Calcium is certainly an important component when it comes to supporting bone integrity, and most of the calcium in the body is stored in the bone. However, there are other elements that make up the bone matrix and there are other factors that influence calcium solubility; and calcium solubility determines how well calcium is utilized in the bone. Not only do these other elements effect the ability of the body to use calcium in the bone structure but also influences the pH levels in the blood so helps to determines how much calcium is retained in the bone.  With the proper conditions and delivery of bone building nutrients in specific proportion that optimizes absorption, we can greatly minimize or even eliminate degenerative effects of horses in a nutrient deficient state.

The take home message here is that over time the correct environmental conditions can improve the rate of mineral retention, and ultimately, bone mineral density. These effects can reduce both the occurrence of, and recovery time from, bone related injuries.


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Been using this for 3 years love it, horses are doing well

Reviewed by: Barbara from Fallon. on 6/11/2018



Awesome products

Reviewed by: Carol Case from Willcox. on 5/9/2018


Really helps!

I have tried other products with minimal results on my 1D barrel & pole horse's foot soreness. Since using Equibone, I can actually say there is a difference in her soundness. I used to have to only ride her every other day to keep her from being off. After about a month on Equibone, she can be ridden daily without signs of soreness. I highly recommend Equibone!

Reviewed by: DANNIELLE from ALBERTVILLE. on 6/14/2017


Equibone Works!

My wonderful mare has suffered from lameness issues for almost 10 years. We tried many different supplements, daily doses of isoxsuprine, and rolled toed shoes. We got some partial relief, but she still was a little off. Then I tried adding TLC Equibone to the mix, and now she goes sound as a dollar. I am so happy to have found this product! It has made such a difference.

Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Laurel Wagner from . on 3/2/2017


Ring-bone/Side Bone and Back to work

My jumper gelding had serious ring bone that was making him lame and refuse to jump. My top mare has side bone was consistently lame. Both have been on this product and both have improved x-rays and are back to work fulltime. It is pretty awesome. It took about six weeks but well worth the wait.

Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) cindy from . on 12/5/2016

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