Kubic's Comeback from Lameness

Posted by TLC Animal Nutrition, Inc on 3/28/2018 to Customer Testimonials
When I first tried Kubic, I was saddened that such a lovely horse had the lameness issues he did and I wasn’t sure about the risk... but after taking some time to think and doing my research (finding Equi-Bone and the amazing reviews) I decided to give it a try for such a high caliber of horse... so I had my farrier work on him right away to correct his feet (also did a shot to stop further bone deterioration) and started him immediately on Equi-Bone. Throughout the next couple months I could see his movement improve and he was more confident in his stride. Finally we were ready for our first xc clinic in June, where I was hopeful he’d be able to handle the new terrain and jumps. I was right. He was a superstar and didn’t take one wrong step, jumping everything I put in front of him. By only our second event I could feel how much he loved jumping and galloping again, where we placed third out of a competitive field of twenty-one horses.  - Christine G.

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