Attention Dairymen

If you think of the nutritional requirements of a dairy cow as a bank account, you can imagine that when there is a good supply of nutrients, she will store some for future use. But when faced with excessive bills (stress, illness, lactation or low feed value) she will draw on the nutrients saved to cover the payment. Once the reserves run out she is left with a deficiency (or zero balance), and the systems that normally run on these nutrients cannot operate at peak performance. All too often, the immune system and the reproductive system are two of the first to go.

You know the cost that delayed estrus and poor conception will have on your bottom line but what you might not know is that feeding Pro-Min Daily from conception through lactation and Vita-Guard at freshening can give you that one-two punch necessary to maintain healthy nutrient levels.

Don’t allow delayed estrus and poor conception reduce your bottom line this coming year, call now, and we’ll have them delivered right to your door so you can get the jump you need to maintain quality levels and happy cows.

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