OSTEO-FUEL - Back In Stock and Available To Ship Today!
OSTEO-FUEL - Back In Stock and Available To Ship Today!

OSTEO-FUEL - Back In Stock and Available To Ship Today!

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Source of Silicon

To support the collagen aspect of all major joint components;

Bone, Cartilage & Tendon/Ligament

When horses are growing & developing, an element called silicon is highly abundant in the body and aids in collagen production for the initial formation of bones and connective tissues. But as the animal matures and ages, silicon becomes less prominent. As time goes on, this may compromise the flexibility and elasticity of the bones and also contribute to inadequate tissue production in and around the joints. The subchondral bone, which is the soft portion of the bone that forms where the cartilage begins, may be affected when it becomes overly dense. That is, without silicon to produce the elastic effect that portion of the bone needs, the more susceptible it is to damage as it isn’t able to effectively “absorb” the shock. Connective tissues like tendons, ligaments & cartilage may also be negatively affected as their ability to heal and repair is diminished in the absence of silicon.

Studies in young thoroughbred race horses show that horses supplemented with silicon (as Sodium Zeolite A) can train and race almost twice the total distance as horses not supplemented with silicon before suffering injuries. This is a very impressive statistic, in a sport where injuries are inevitable.

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Feeding Directions:

Give 2 scoops twice daily for the first few months.
Give 1-2 scoops daily for maintenance.

*Based on 1,000-1,200lb horse.

5 Stars
horse caretaker and rider
My daughter's mare is going on 28... She is in semi retirement, but still enjoys getting out and being ridden, as we enjoy riding her.
Reviewed by:  from nebraska. on 2/1/2022
5 Stars
Great product
This is my second month using this production on all 5 of my horses ages 2,14,15,16, 21... They have also started playing more during pasture turnout! Happy horses at this house :) I will continue to use it. It is very cost affective also. So far very pleased with the results.
Reviewed by:  from Washington. on 11/30/2021
4 Stars
started osteofuel app. 2 weeks ago, I have used their products before & am a total believer in these products... I will continue to use this product till the bucket is gone & see where we are. thank you for making such great products. I only gave a 4 star because of price, but I know that great products do cost more.
Reviewed by:  from texas. on 10/7/2018
5 Stars
Making Improvement
I have been feeding osteo-fuel to my 18-year-old gelding for approximately seven months now... I am very pleased with the product because for the first time in several years my horse has been enjoying life again without pain meds!
Reviewed by:  from Clayton, WA. on 6/30/2017

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