OSTEO-FUEL - Support the Collagen Aspect of  Joint Health  - Back In Stock and Available To Ship Today!
OSTEO-FUEL - Support the Collagen Aspect of Joint Health - Back In Stock and Available To Ship Today!

OSTEO-FUEL - Support the Collagen Aspect of Joint Health - Back In Stock and Available To Ship Today!

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Source of Silicon for Collagen Synthesis & Subchondral Bone Support

OSTEO-FUEL helps to support the collagen aspect of all major joint components;

Bone, Cartilage & Tendon/Ligament

When horses are growing & developing, an element called silicon is highly abundant in the body and aids in collagen production for the initial formation of bones and connective tissues. But as the animal matures and ages, silicon becomes less prominent. As time goes on, this may compromise the flexibility and elasticity of the bones and also contribute to inadequate tissue production in and around the joints. The subchondral bone, which is the soft portion of the bone that forms where the cartilage begins, may be affected when it becomes overly dense. That is, without silicon to produce the elastic effect that portion of the bone needs, the more susceptible it is to damage as it isn’t able to effectively “absorb” the shock. Connective tissues like tendons, ligaments & cartilage may also be negatively affected as their ability to heal and repair is diminished in the absence of silicon. While most supplements focus strictly on joint tissues, OSTEO-FUEL helps to support the collagen aspect of all major joint components; the bone, cartilage & tendon/ligament tissues, which produces a more comprehensive approach to protecting joint health.

In addition, Osteo-Fuel provides nutrients chosen for their ability to provide the following benefits: slow the breakdown of cartilage, improve joint comfort and inhibit inflammatory mediators, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits to protect joints from free radical damage, serve as a key component in bone & connective tissues like cartilage, tendons and ligaments and serve as co-factors for the formation of cartilage and bone production through chondroitin synthesis. Please select any ingredient listed below for more information:

Silicon (Sodium Zeolite A) has many benefits in the area of bone formation and collagen production, please see link bellow for more specific information. Studies have shown that the Sodium Zeolite A stimulated DNA synthesis in osteoblasts (bone building cells) and inhibited osteoclast (cells which breakdown bone)-mediated bone resorption in vitro. This is possibly attributable to the ortho-silicic acid-releasing property of Sodium Zeolite A. Studies in young thoroughbred race horses show that horses supplemented with silicon (as Sodium Zeolite A) can train and race almost twice the total distance as horses not supplemented with silicon before suffering injuries. This is a very impressive statistic, in a sport where injuries are inevitable. See link below for more information.

Click any link below for more information:

Joint Support - Silicon - Glucosamine - Chondroitin - MSM

Minerals - Zinc - Copper - Manganese

Vitamins - Vitamin C - Vitamin E

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Feeding Directions:

Give 2 scoops twice daily to provide additional nutrient support during rehabilitation.
Give 1-2 scoops daily for proactive or maintenance health.

*Based on 1,000-1,200lb horse.

5 Stars
horse caretaker and rider
My daughter's mare is going on 28, and this product has helped her move more comfortably. She is in semi retirement, but still enjoys getting out and being ridden, as we enjoy riding her.
Reviewed by:  from nebraska. on 2/1/2022
5 Stars
Great product
This is my second month using this production on all 5 of my horses ages 2,14,15,16, 21. I have noticed a difference in the comfort and mobility of all the horses especially our teenage western pleaure guys. They have also started playing more during pasture turnout! Happy horses at this house :) I will continue to use it. It is very cost affective also. So far very pleased with the results.
Reviewed by:  from Washington. on 11/30/2021
5 Stars
Product healed cartilage damage from broken ribs
My 10 year old quarter horse began having lameness issues approximately 1.5 years ago. He was completely sound when not tacked up but upon being saddled would begin crossing over with his front legs as he walked. I kept giving him a month or two off before returning to riding. It gradually escalated to the point where he would refuse to move forward when ridden. After 6-8 months of this worsening condition and no diagnosis made of the problem by local veterinarians, the cause was finally identified at an equine hospital... a broken rib where the cinch rides. Calcification was visible at the fracture site. Even an Ace Bandage wrapped around him at the clinic caused rapid breathing, irritation, short striding, and crossing over. This after nearly 6-8 months months since initial symptoms and what you would think would be healing and reduction in pain. I was able to trace the probable cause back to a fight with another of our horses where he sustained multiple kicks. No treatment was offered short of risky surgery to remove the fractured rib.. with uncertain results if we went that route. I was told "he may be better in a year and he may never get better." After a few months of trying to decide what to do with him, I researched Equi Bone and decided to try it with the thought that calcification may be the cause of the pain. No improvement after 2 months on it. Saddling him again caused irritation, heavy breathing, and the crossover walk in front when being led. TLC just came out with Osteo Fuel after my lack of success with Equi Bone. It seemed probable that his pain was driven by cartilage damage more than calcium deposits. I thought after this much time had passed since the injury that any remedy for cartilage repair was highly unlikely but I put him on it for 2 months. I saddled him again after 2 months and while I thought I saw perhaps a small improvement, I wasn't convinced it was working. He still was crossing over significantly. I purchased a smaller container of Osteo Fuel and continued him on it for about 6 weeks... just giving him and the product one last chance. I then waited another month after it was consumed before testing him again... certain that there would be no change and that he was destined to be a pasture ornament. I have to say I was shocked when I saddled him up this past weekend and led him off. He walked straight with no heavy breathing. I haven't begun riding him yet but I am certainly hopeful he is on track to being a riding horse again. I guess it's remotely possible that the additional time for healing was a contributor but 1.5 years to heal damaged cartilage seems far fetched. I have to believe Osteo Fuel was the difference maker. I am going to purchase another container to get him on a maintenance dosage for perhaps another 4 months to be sure the healing process completes. He's the best horse I've owned and I cant say how happy I am to think that I can once again return to riding him.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from . on 3/23/2016

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