It’s all you can do to remain composed as you hear the bell sound and the announcer declares “and they’re off…” You blink for a moment and lose sight of him. Now you’re watching, searching… where is he… you scan the lead horses, your eyes slowly drifting back through the field and then you see it - he’s been pulled up!

There’s nothing but devastation as you hear the vet declare the leg has been fractured. All of the hopes and dreams that you held on this one, gone.

By now you may think back to a time when another very famous hopeful experienced a similar fate, and you remember the months of rehabilitation. The fracture not healing fast enough, adding insult to injury and creating more strain than the body could take.

Determined to find a way or make one, you are going to get this horse back faster than you ever thought possible. A dream come true, right?

What if it wasn’t a dream? What if right now you could make one decision that would change the course of history forever? Would you do it?

It's what thousands of horseman already know, if you give us a chance we'll make your dreams come true!

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