Winter Care - Essential Tips for Well-Being and Soundness

Posted by TLC Animal Nutrition, Inc. on 11/27/2017 to Education and Interest
If you are consistent with these simple winter care essentials, you should have a happy and healthy horse that is ready for you in the spring.

Sound Advice - A Must Read for Building a Strong Foundation

Posted by TLC Animal Nutrition, Inc on 11/22/2017 to Education and Interest
Throughout the world, horseman employ many different methods of conditioning the horse. And indeed there are quite a few different "programs" that result in a fit athlete. But most programs focus on the aspects of the horse's fitness that are the most visible - their musculature and their aerobic capacity (cardiovascular fitness) - without enough thought to strengthening bones, tendons, and ligaments. With a program that does not sufficiently allow for progressive strengthening of those important structures, the risk of injuries in those areas are greatly increased...
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