Insulin Resistance and Laminitis

Posted by TLC Animal Nutrition, Inc on 2/28/2018
Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS) likely begins with a genetic pre-disposition and certain breeds of horses and ponies are prone to developing this issue. Being very efficient at utilizing calories, these horses often require a lower plane of nutrition to maintain body weight. Sugars in grass are one factor that carry severe consequences to the laminae and no horse is immune to the effects...

Breaking A Sweat: The Essentials of Anhidrosis

Posted by TLC Animal Nutrition, Inc on 2/23/2018 to Education and Interest
It’s a familiar sight for equestrians: you finish your morning training routine, and your young mare or gelding is sweating off their workout.  Their coat glistens as their skin secretes moisture to cool off their flushed body.  Sweat is a horse’s main method for regulating their internal body temperature, and a large percent (65-70%) of a horse’s body heat is lost through sweating.1 

Counting My Blessings

Posted by TLC Animal Nutrition, Inc on 2/14/2018 to Customer Testimonials
Shortly after starting the program I saw something I thought I'd never see again, The General was galloping across the arena!  He was bucking and rearing and playing like a true horse. The sadness was gone from his eyes and he seemed more alive than I had seen him in...
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