Bone Density - The Process of Bone Remodeling

Posted by TLC Animal Nutrition, Inc on 9/30/2017 to Education and Interest
While nothing is going to make a horse impervious to injury, dealing with injuries and lameness less often, and for shorter amounts of time, is something that is advantageous to any horseman. Horses which spend less time rehabilitating, spend more time training.

Bone Density - Identifying The Process of Bone Breakdown

Posted by TLC Animal Nutrition, Inc on 9/28/2017 to Education and Interest
Deterioration is the result of bone resorption, a process in which bone cells called osteoclasts break down bone, releasing the minerals from the bone structure and resulting in a transfer of nutrients from the bone matrix to the blood. Achieving proper pH balance between acidic and alkaline foods is essential, because an acidic environment is believed to be a primary component behind bone deterioration...
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