Product Testimonials

From Dead Lame to 1D
Our mare "Endless Dreams" was crippled on the track as a two-year-old. My parents acquired her as a three-year-old and she was cautiously put into training for barrel racing. Her ability to stay sound was at the forethought of our thoughts, but by the time she was four she was a great barrel horse with bad front feet. She was sent to the University for experimental treatment. Three months later she was sent home with the news that her foot would fall apart if we kept running her. Thus, the decision was made to breed her and turn her out permanently. Five years and several babies later, we needed a horse for my boyfriend's daughter, Bailey. Miss Ed (as we called her) was our best bet because she is gentle and solid as a rock on her barrel pattern. It wasn't long before the signs returned, and I took her in for x-rays. Again, I was advised not to run her as a barrel horse. I wasn't satisfied and set out to find a solution. My farrier changed the kind of shoes she was wearing, and that helped immensely but Miss Ed needed more. As a last effort I turned to TLC Animal Nutrition for help. Several weeks later I ran her at the D&G Barrel Race, she never took a lame step in three runs, and was running 1-D times. It is amazing to me that ten years after her original injury one of the nicest barrel horses I ever had the pleasure of riding is back doing what she does best, running barrels. Thanks to TLC's nutrition, my Mother and my horseshoer the sky is the limit on a mare that everyone had written off. From Miss Ed, a mare that truly loves to run barrels, and myself we thank you for your wonderful products. I'm glad that I didn't give up.----Christi H.

Coffin Bone Fracture

Three years ago, “Perkzilla” had broke a piece of sidebone off and had surgery to remove it. We thought he was clear, but following a jackpot in October had came up three legged. An MRI showed a clean stress fracture halfway through the coffin bone caused by years of over-reaching. A friend had told me about a product called Equi-Bone and we started feeding it immediately. He got a full year off, and that break is completely healed, no trace of it on an X Ray unless you knew it was there to begin with. He's been back just a little over a year, and made it to AQHA world last year in the Amateur barrels, is qualified again this year in both Amateur and Senior barrels, qualified back to the 1D finals at ANHA last year and ran a 17.1 on a standard, won the Cowtown rodeo in Ft Worth last year, made it to the San Angelo perfs, placed top 10 in the senior barrels at Ft Worth AQHA and 3rd in the Amateur AQHA, won the Jud Little Fast Five in Ft Worth this year and ended up 16th in the Top 65, placed at Henderson PRCA, 12th at Seguin, and just recently placed 9th in Magnolia AR PRCA. He hasn't taken a lame step on that foot since, and gets Equi-Bone every day, as do all of my other horses in training. It's a miracle product, 100%!---Savannah H.
Kubic's Comeback from Lameness
When I first tried Kubic, I was saddened that such a lovely horse had the lameness issues he did and I wasn’t sure about the risk... but after taking some time to think and doing my research (finding Equi-Bone and the amazing reviews) I decided to give it a try for such a high caliber of horse... so I had my farrier work on him right away to correct his feet (also did a shot to stop further bone deterioration) and started him immediately on Equi-Bone. Throughout the next couple months I could see his movement improve and he was more confident in his stride. Finally we were ready for our first xc clinic in June, where I was hopeful he’d be able to handle the new terrain and jumps. I was right. He was a superstar and didn’t take one wrong step, jumping everything I put in front of him. By only our second event I could feel how much he loved jumping and galloping again, where we placed third out of a competitive field of twenty-one horses.--Christine 
Hope for OCD Lesions
My two year old filly’s registered name is Chasin Firesticks "Match". She is by Chasin Firewater and  out of my Sticks An Stones mare, Turn The Stone. At 9 yr old the mare was diagnosed with OCD and at that time we decided to use her as a brood mare. The genetics of the OCD carried into her first foal "Match" and we discovered this as we put her into training as a 2 yr old. Images were taken by a vet at that time.
She was in training for three months at the barn, and when she returned home, it was evident her stifles were sore. At that time a new veterinarian recommended time off and a high grade mineral supplement. After careful personal investigation, I turned to TLC Animal Nutrition. Because it is designed specifically for cartilage support, their representative recommended Osteo-Fuel as the supplement for Match. I fed the product according to directions and on January 3, 2018 Dr. Jones took new images and compared them to the images from earlier. The difference was amazing!! In the left stifle the hole was non-existent and the right was barely noticeable. Match will be put into full training this summer while continuing on the Osteo-Fuel. It is exciting to see quality ingredients in a supplement with proven results. The results I have witnessed from using TLC Nutrition are proof with the images taken on the stifles!  Because of the personal service and TLC's quality product this there is hope on this filly's future in the barrel horse industry!  For joint support on my other two horses, an aged futurity horse and my open horse, I am now going to use Flex-Fuel."  - Mendy B.