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Advanced Heel Complex- nutritional heel support

Advanced Heel Complex- nutritional heel support

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Advanced Heel Complex works to restore that mineral balance quickly and effectively, so “underslung heels” don’t continue to plague you.  Feed this product for up to 3 months until desired heel growth has been established.

For horses with poor heel development, your farrier will be invaluable in establishing the proper heel/toe balance. However, there is an inherent zinc:copper imbalance in horses that fail to grow a proper heel.  Advanced Heel Complex may be fed along with Mega Hoof Complex for best combined hoof & heel growth or with EQUI-BONE for horses with underslung heels contributing to navicular syndrome.

Feeding Directions: Give 1tsp twice daily for up to 3 months.

Guaranteed Analysis: Per Tsp
Zinc 1,250mg
Copper 125mg
l-Methionine 250mg
l-Lysine 125mg
Biotin 500mcg
Pyridoxine 50mcg
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