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Glucosamine HCL- joint cartilage support

Glucosamine HCL- joint cartilage support

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Cartilage Support Product for horses with Cartilage Deterioration.

Contains 99.9% pure Glucosamine HCl - 9,600mg per serving/scoop.

The breakdown of cartilage within the joint means there is less shock absorbing abilities, increasing friction and resulting in a reduction in the range of motion. The end result is often a painful arthritic condition and an inability to physically perform. Proper trimming, corrective shoeing and the use of supplements, like Glucosamine can dramatically increase your horse's comfort.

Research has shown that 95% of glucosamine hydrochloride is absorbed and available to the body for use by the articular cartilage after oral administration. Glucosamine has been shown to reduce free radicals, tissue break down, articular cartilage cell death and inflammation. The benefit of feeding straight glucosamine over a commercially blended product is that you can control how much joint support your specific horse gets, we like to use 10,000-20,000mg daily. A majority of commercial supplements deliver entirely too little glucosamine.

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