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Trainer's Choice- topical liniment

Trainer's Choice- topical liniment

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A Topical Application for Soft Tissue Injuries

Tendons and ligaments are responsible for range of motion and joint stability. However, due to limited blood supply to these vital tissues, the delivery of nutrients necessary for healing and repair of damaged tissue is poor. The lack of necessary nutrients creates an environment where the damaged tissue is slow to heal. Trainer's Choice is a liquid mineral that is applied directly to the area and absorbed by the skin. This allows you to control the delivery of necessary nutrients so you can target damaged tissue much more effectively. Excellent for all soft tissue issues such as tendons, ligaments, hock or suspensory.                  

Directions for use: 
When applying below the knee, clip the hair because the hair below the knee as it tends to be 'water repellent' and will reduce absorption.
To apply as a sweat below the knee, wrap a paper towel around the leg and saturate the towel with Trainer's Choice. Wrap a piece of plastic around the leg to maintain moistness and leave on for 4 hours once daily.
To apply above the knee, simply spray on making sure to get the product down to the skin so that it can be readily absorbed.

Additional Notes:
Leave on for up to 4 hours daily.  Apply daily for rehabilitation purposes or after training/racing for maintenance purposes. Make sure there are no chemicals, fly sprays or iodine already applied to the target area and do NOT leave on for more than 4 hours as skin sensitivity may occur in these cases.

You may combine in a ratio of 5 parts Trainer's Choice with 1 part DMSO to enhance absorption properties through the skin. WHEN MIXING WITH DMSO DO NOT SWEAT

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