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TLC Animal Nutrition, Inc.

Vita-Guard- immune support (dairy)

Vita-Guard- immune support (dairy)

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15 Nutrients Plus Beneficial Bacteria

Like much of what happens in the body, the immune system is a series of complex actions that trigger cells to perform specific tasks. In the immune system, these cells are responsible to identify and rid the body of bacteria, virus and infectious material.

Some of the factors that limit the ability to do that are: stress from travel or competition, strenuous exercise, and a lower number of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. Because these elements may lower normal actions, supporting a healthy immune system is essential for equine athletes.  

Vita-Guard contains 15 nutrients and beneficial bacteria!

Also safe for horses, beef and dairy cattle. 

Because the best defense is a great offense, get started now and give one serving daily during race or show season.

Guaranteed Analysis: Per pound
Vitamin A 154,000IU
Pantothentic Acid 35,700mg
Niacin 11,500mg
Pyridoxine 288mg
Riboflavin 275mg
l-Lysine 8,500mg


Ingredients:  Yeast Culture, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Dehydrated Fermentation Product, Dehydrated Entercococcus Faecium Fermentation product, Dehydrated Lactobacillus Bulgaricus Fermentation Product, Dried A. Oryzae Fermentation Products, Lactobacillus Lactis Fermentation Product Dehydrated, Dried Lactabillus Bisubtilis, Pediococcus Acidilacti Fermentation Product Dehydrated, Dehydrated Forage Products, Zinc Proteinate, d-Calcium Pantothenate, Potassium Amino Acid Complex, Choline Chloride, Para-Amino Benzoic Acid, Niacin, B-12 Supplement, l-Lysine, Biotin, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Pyridoxine HCl, Flavoring, Riboflavin, Folic Acid

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