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TLC Animal Nutrition, Inc.

Winner's Attitude- made for race horses

Winner's Attitude- made for race horses

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Nutritional Support for Horses that Fade, Quit or Tie Up

A nutritional supplement for mature horses that are racing. Winner's Attitude was designed to bring out the competitive spirit in horses and may be fed daily along with Performance Plus Daily for best results.

The amount of oxygen in the muscle has a direct impact on energy production, and stored energy leads to improved stamina. Iron in the blood bind with oxygen molecules in areas where oxygen is plentiful, like the lungs. It is then carried via the blood stream to oxygen deficient areas, like the muscle, and released into the tissue to be used in the process of energy production. Nutrient deficient blood is less effective in the delivery of oxygen, which reduces the muscles' ability to "fire" with adequate force. Winner's Attitude will bring out the competitive spirit of the performance horse.  

Give 1 scoop, 2 times daily.

If racing regularly, give every day.

If racing intermittently, begin using 5 days out.

Guaranteed Analysis: Per 2 scoops
Calcium (Min) 200mg
Calcium (Max) 300mg
Phosphorus (Min) 200mg
Magnesium 4,000mg
Potassium 4,000mg
Sodium 2,000mg
Iron 400mg
Vitamin B-12 1,000mcg
Dimethylglycine 2,000mg
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